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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 3, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. (male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. (male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> decision 2012. we have team coverage and a look at the debate and reaction from viewers. and the first presidential debate for 2010. it is now in the latest with some political analysis. michael. you up watched the entire thing.
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what is your first impression? >> i thought he came out strong and impressive but it was a bit of a low energy performance from the president. it was interesting. >> i thought so too. >> mid wrongl-mitt romney--has t corrected-connected with real people. and he has woven real people and to what he is saying. the president did that but he seemed -- wonkey from a got a lot of information and. from a debate point of view. and he went on to making points that were not refuted. there is a question of wonder weather or not. if there was
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any challenges. and a definitive example is a $16 billion cut to medicare the keeps talking about. everybody that has followed this recently it is not really a cut to medicare. >> it is not the of a full- service cut. >> it is in the ryan budget plan. he was serving cut up three-four times in the serveto not and the president -- did not even take the bait or swing at it. if you are a from a supporter you are cheering but if you are undecided. i still do not know. you are going to hear a lot about romney perhaps victory over the debate but the style, on aggression. and weather it was refuted. but for undecided was there enough specifics? facts?
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>>pam: also mitt romney seemed to move that etch a sketch moved towards the middle. the debate has really been holding the reins. and with portions of retributions. tonight, i got the sense that he was beginning to move towards the middle to reach those voters. >> he was making the meta-making the-case that mitt romney wanted to own liking immigration reform. and quite frankly what he has been doing. perhaps to one the narrative he would be doing better at it. >> to view think that president obama is off his mark? >> they should have seen this coming. i think that if you are a right-wing conservative. maybe you are
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screaming at your television. mitt romney is banking that going with him is going better than the other guy. it is compassionate conservatism. george w. bush. all types of things and it is calculated to get to the heart of the undecided voter. it is just very odd. mitt romney was playing a game of tennis and obama was playing ping-pong. , it was an interesting dynamic. thank you for your analysis. if you'd like to connect with michael you can follow him on a twitter. and his handle at yaqui. and vicki? >> there were highlights, the lights and after all. we look for things that were not that many but head-to- head who ended up? the president saying that it was
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presidential and challenger mitt romney. more than held his own. >> does anybody out there think that the big problem we have of is that there was too much oversight and regulation. of wall street. if you do? and governor romney is your candidate. >> that is why i would have regulation but i do not think that big would give -- big banks would give them an blank check. however, not because of energy consumption up despite of his policies. mr. president, all of the increase in oil has private not on government land. on government land stick it ministration has kept the permits and licenses and one-half. if i am president i will double them. >> governor from the central economic plan calls for a five trillion dollars tax cut on top of the extention
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for borscht era tax cuts and additional military spending--torched of the bush era tax cuts. and how we have dealt with that without doubling those on middle-class americans. that is one central question. >> i do not have a five trillion dollar tax cut. and i have a view that we need to provide tax relief for the people in the middle class. but i do not want to reduce the share from high income people they are doing just fine. weather you are president or a i am but the people that are having difficulty. ... there will be more presidential debates. this will be a town hall format for the next one and for members of the audience. and there is one for the vice-presidential candidates. >>pam: kron 4 team coverage continues. and the watching
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parties were all over the bay area. we will take you to want. reggie kumar is at the temple and nightclub. >> hundreds stood and line at the temple nightclub. watching mitt romney against president obama. it was on four different part television screens and a standing room only for people that were arriving late. they wanted to know what the commander in chief is his plan for the next four years. >> what is your biggest concern? >> absolutely it is the economy, jobs. i have been laid off because of the of economy i do not think that it is the president's job to create a job for me. but i do not agree with mitt romney. this is the trickle- down theory. we have seen it not work in the past. i
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think the president is achieving victory, hands down. >> i think that every time there is a plan... the ideas are not bad ideas. >> in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4. >> this the one party was also near bay area republicans. terisa estaci o.. from the supporters listened to the first presidential debate. for the most part everybody said that they believe that medtronic did an excellent job. >> i think that he has done a fantastic job
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>> several times there was applause. and win when the focus was on the economy. specifically about creating jobs. pam i think he is doing great right now i think he will do well. >> as far as how he did with president obama? >> i think there is a certain level of making president obama feel uncomfortable. >> throwing him for a loop. >> and walnut creek, kron 4. >> stay with kron 4 but decision 2012 and the presidential debate. we invite you with your thoughts. >>catherine: go to our facebook fan section, >>jacqueline: cooler
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temperatures. and once that fog made its way along the coast by 2:00 p.m. the inland valleys did get into the '90s. 94 degrees in concord. and 90's in napa. 72 degrees in san rafael. >>pam: bay area sports fan are in baseball heaven. the oakland a's. and the
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american league west with reactions from players and the fans. with a warning for the east cape with dangerous objects being thrown at cars from a freeway overpass. from the east to-bay toward the oakland police department is under fire. and it could be controlled by the federal government. what was grandma's cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon.
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gamo >> what a game! the oakland a's fans and the team were going crazy tonight. the a's are now the american league west champion. taking down the texas rangers and was denied for celebrating. you see it was-a night for celebrating. j.r.
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>> the oakland a's are the best in the west. the a.l. west champions. >> we are just trying to play. it is not essentials happen that often the a.l. west champions. it is difficult to put it into words i'm going to celebrate with my teammates. >> they celebrated. with bob dowsing and champagne. and the a.l. west. called the second and the several days. >> are you getting tired of drinking champagne? >> the fire an-the party has just started-- >> are you tired of drinking champagne? >> what? [laughter] what type of question is
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that, heck no. >> at one point this one cameraman was doused by players. however, there were just leaving trying to make the minor leagues. >> i was not expecting to be here. i was hoping to get an opportunity. and this is what you dream about. >> outside of the a's box office but for 2.5 hours after wednesday's game if it was a long line. every ticket booth was open as they waited to get the playoff ticket. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: team coverage continues. with late celebrations. speaking to be excited fans. >> the celebration did not attend. and they were
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ecstatic over the victory. >> i have been waiting for something like that all my life. watching i've never been at the game but now i was at the game and i saw the entire celebration it was remarkable. >> how far can they go? >> all the way, baby. october, it is going to be us. >> house suite? to be guaranteed at least three games with-house wee how sweet. >> it is so great time definite going to be going to a playoff game. >> it is exciting to be part of history. >> i wasn't the right field bleachers i saw everything. and-i was right in the right-field bleachers it brought tears to my eyes it was amazing. >> i have been to 90-100 games and people could not believe it. except for the fans. i'm just so happy to be a part of it. it is something special to make
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magic. >> there is no question that there are into this. and the seattle mariners. opening of the regular season over 16,000 fans turned out. on wednesday afternoon. 36,000! in oakland, kron 4. >>pam: of course it will have much more on the big victory. with hours forced director, gary radnich, later. and other news. and there has been a series of attacks along highway no. 4 in antioch. were this is happening. and what police are doing in response. >>reporter: this man went to the hospital last thursday are around 10:00 p.m. because he thought he was shot in the arm while driving on highway no. 4. as it turns out it was a foreign object through his windshield. somebody threw
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this off of the bridge. a short time later there was another attack with a woman reported that her windshield was shattered. this object was thrown from the overpass and again on monday night. this time an ambulance was damaged with another flying object. they do not know who is doing this but they are concerned about the random and possibly deadly attacks. on this day there were rolling down the highway at the speed limit. the overpass has a chain link fence but on either side it is breached. leaving an opening for somebody to get through. the police department is taking this very seriously. they have increased patrols in the area so far there are no suspects but they're hoping to catch whoever did this before it happens again. jeff bush, kron 4. have been a this mistrial for the federal cocaine of san francisco crime lab diplomat in.debra -- madden did not
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reach a unanimous verdict. they agreed that however she did take cocaine from the laboratory. but they disagree on weather prosecutors agreed by means of deception. the judge will say that there is another hearing date for a possible retrial. >> and east bay community is still in shock after a middle school after allegations of molestation was found dead in an apparent suicide. just being spoke with the family. >> i spoke with the father of james izumizaki. he is the former opening school teacher that is accused of molesting a student in and it took his own life and his father is too upset to call. on saturday there will be a public memorial. and that is from 10-noon. in albany. and he was here he was going
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through his sons of the gums it was a very difficult times. in albany, he was going to is son's--items. in albany, kron 4. >> temperatures will be in the '60s and '70s. it will be briefly, nine these but it has being a cool down and that will be continuing. friday, saturday. with a stranglehold on the bay area. tomorrow it is certainly going to be feeling it would 70's. tomorrow the 60s and even not much from there. 70's by noon. and even more towards 3:00 p.m. with really not much 80s just a handful. we will take a look of neighborhood by neighborhood. and in los gatos. 70's through sunnyvale. 74 in milpitas.
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and for the most part low 80s in antioch, livermore. 77 degrees in pleasanton. and along the coast it looks like that fog is here to stay. at least for the next couple of days. it is solid. and we will see breaks of sunshine. in the north bay, the coast will see 50s/60s. temperatures will be in the '70s, inland. for the weekend forecast the fog will be here however friday, saturday that wind will increase clearing conditions for the air show. and on sunday, that fog could be slow to clear. as we look at our extended forecast cooler weather on tap. friday, saturday and for the weekend sunday we are starting to see a storm approaching the bay area. more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures on monday. even
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some rainfall will keep you posted and of course go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2.
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>>pam: after months of requesting the family of a man killed by oakland police of the investigation reports. what that report revealed and reactions from the family. also, the excitement for grant notice
8:28 pm
what the revealing look at his first trip to the blue angels. >>jacqueline: and the current temperatures we are seeing a cool off, quickly. what that will mean for the blue angels weekend forecast, coming up. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. sofa... desk...
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you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >>pam: overtops stories at 8:30 on the national stage president barack obama and candidate mitt romney square off. the topics were the economy, health care, and the role of government in people's lives. >> the oakland a's victory. for the first place in the american league west. it took them the last day of the season to get their way to first place. they are there to stay. they will
8:31 pm
take on the american league central, detroit tigers. in the first round. in the meantime, there is a vandal in antioch. who is targeting cars on highway no. 4. on multiple occasions over the last couple of days objects have been thrown from the freeway overpass. on to the cars below on the street. they are beefing up patrols in that area. and in an effort to provide safety. >> the family of a high- school student was killed by oakland police is cutting their first look at the police report detailing what happened. this man was shot to death in the month of may the 18 year-old pointed a gun. police say they had no choice but to open fire but the family civil rights attorneys says that haazig madyun this could raise some serious questions about the shooting. >>reporter: he said that he
8:32 pm
heard three-four different gunshots. >> there is conflict of the testimony given. >> the oakland police department has released the report of the 18 year-old debt. the attorney representing the family setting that statements from witnesses from the scene are raising red flags. >> it was indicated that there was gunfire meaning that he had fired at the officer. however it is pretty clear provided the physical evidence that there were no shots fired from the 18 year-old. and no evidence that the gun found near him had been fired. whoever made that statement was clearly wrong. the statement that the 18 year-old was armed. >> of course whether or not he was having a gun in his possession but he was on probation. perhaps that is why he ran. however, in any
8:33 pm
way would he want to point a firearm at an officer. at a time like this when he said that he has not done anything. and then the got shot. >> in oakland haazig madyun kron 4. give him police chief award jordan. involving the shooting this is the statement released by the oakland police chief howard jordan. ... in the meantime the oakland police department is also under fire. with a court mandated reform for not being the implemented. dan kerman tells us the attorneys will ask for a federal takeover of the department. >> for over nine years the
8:34 pm
oakland police department has been under court order to implement a laundry list of reforms. >> there is racial profiling and the proper investigation of complaints and the problem officers. those are all tasks that they're not in compliance after nine years. >> the attorneys saying that the citizen oakland cannot wait any longer. >> people are dying people are getting injured and officers that need help are not getting taken care of it. the department is not getting run properly we cannot stand by and wait for another occupy oakland. for >>reporter: on thursday he will file court papers to ask a judge to appoint a receiver to take control of the oakland police department. >> i would describe him as the enforcer, the compliance and force for that is all i would describe him or her. >>reporter: 4 who is to blame? no one person. >> it is a systemic cultural
8:35 pm
problem that is not being addressed by the city. not being addressed by the city administrator, or the city council. not being addressed by the mayor. and not being addressed by the police department. what is does the city of oakland have to say? on the implementing these. we contacted the police department in the referred us to the city administrator's office and they did not return our calls. and the mayor's department did not return our calls are the implementing those court mantid it performs? the would not answer the questions and they did say that they did see the court documents and are going to be filed tomorrow. however, they oppose any takeover of the oakland police department. dan kerman, kron 4. >> illegal dumping on tape. i will show you a video. in this next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> welcome back. uss macon island--makin island after three years of being away matt is seeing his aunt and grandmother for the first time. the uss macon island ---makin island. >> it is overwhelming, is exciting. >> his parents are marines and carry on the family tradition was a no brainer. finding out that he went to fleet week he was looking for to interacting with the public so he can show the public what his job is all about. >> i am an an aviation technician. with this
8:39 pm
aircraft, it is fun. >> these men and women are walking the streets of the city. some of them have seen family for the first time in years. >> he looks great. it is so great to see him it has been too long a time goes so fast. i am so excited that he is able to come visit. >> fleet week is always interesting but the blue angels but i did not realize that the marine going had a lot to do with this. on fleet week. for him to, on the ship oh my gosh! it was such a surprise. and i am so glad and so grateful. >> there were 2500 sailors and marines sailorsuss makin island. they are getting ready. for this complete list go to their website. democrat lotus
8:40 pm
>> -- grant lotus. heat is fresh off a flight of a lifetime. >> oh my gosh! i made it and i thought that these are the best pilots in the world. and honestly, the thrill of a lifetime. you go up and these planes and the will turn you upside-down. and i was not the only one. that is zoe. the one that saved 100 to the laws that did that emergency landing on the hudson river. he said that he felt like a kid today. he was a fighter pilot in the 1970's. and then it was my turn. jacqueline. perhaps her husband could be the next fighter pilot. they took that down and put the
8:41 pm
advisor up. the pilot had mirrors and wants to be able to see if you are going to pass out. this is him. . and this is as we are landing. a round s f o. we made it safe and sound. the ride, literally of a lifetime. >> i am happy that i did not pass out or vomit. >> that is considered a concession success many people get sick. -- many people get sick and you are one of the few. >> i was fighting it. >> you were working hard. and you did not pass out. very well done. >> unbelievable. and there we were with the lt.. this 30 year-old from pittsburgh. and they presented with a picture. and they considered
8:42 pm
me a the iupui. totally, utterly in a moment of a lifetime they considered me a very important person- >> and with 700 mi. per hour we broke the sound o--the sound barrier. >> i do not even know what to say. and salully --he is an international hero. and sully sullenberger we are the blue angels station. and we are also going to get video from inside the cockpit. with me. and that is what we want to see. and i do not even want
8:43 pm
to see what my face is going to look like. >> i think that you had a great time and we-will remind you. to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon. saturday, october 6th at 3:00 p.m. more excitement the baseball playoffs are set in the giants and the 80s. kerry will show us the opponents. and the 80s -- gary radnich. and more from the oakland a's. for the a l west do not move. gary radnich, is coming up.
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8:45 pm (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> you have to get out with binoculars. >> these are three men
8:46 pm
dumping furniture in broad daylight. in fact it is to:5it is to:this was shot [by = 83 concerned resident and it has been calleturned over to the public works. and the oakland police department. besides it was in the middle of the day at 2:55 these guys were so brazen. not one but two different patrol vehicles right here. this includes tables, couches, mattresses they all went back into the vehicle and drove away. this is under the 580 freeway. according to neighbors it is popular for dumping. the neighbor was able to get the license plate. but get this they believe that this person is just a few doors down. that cadillac has been parked there for several weeks. i
8:47 pm
know the name of the owner and it is registered out of union city. residents of oakland were anybody has been trashed. it is time to take a stand. grab your phones, cameras and document people with no respect. let us put an end to this illegal dumping. if you want to help? " to my section. fast in oakland, kron 4. >>jacqueline: that cooler weather is returning with the fog and dense near the coast. slow to clear and what cooler temperatures. 60s and 70's. with 80s in los gatos. and '70s and '80s for the inland valleys 60s for the east bayshore card and 60s for the coast. that fog is expected to linger and 70's for the north bay.
8:48 pm
for your blue angels forecast that fog is going to dissipate. and the wind will be clearing that fog for the afternoon, clear skies. catch it to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon. and with your extended forecast, cooler weather, freda, saturday, sunday your forecast looking a bit transitional. >> the oakland a's finished off one of the most incredible sporting event history. the fans were jammed. 36,000, they doubled the attendants. and a j. griffith, went to work toward double the fans. and with texas 5-1 advantage following four of those are runs but the oakland a's came right back rightco co krisp and tied at 5 it was
8:49 pm
an and the score of "-5. but if you want one turning point. they have an all- star, josh hamilton. very rarely see something happened that in this pressure gang. >> he also struck out three times. brian cook and josh hamilton. down he goes. and it was a rough down the stretch. to bring up that natural sound. >> michael, center field! ko ko..! (cheers & applause)
8:50 pm
the oakland a's, the division championship. >> the first team to make up a five game deficit. in the final games and went 8-1, the rangers' 2-7. melvyn saying that i know that it did not work in the seattle, ariz. but if you think that you can herromanage? josh. >> it is a great feeling. for the team that was exposed to come and last place. >> are you of the record to get tired of drinking champagne? >> no. >> we are trying to get an opportunity to play well. and i ended up getting an opportunity to play well, here. >> the champs, we are celebrating with our team mates.
8:51 pm
>> there is. melvil getting doused. and he is dancing, taunting and our very own photographer, daniel villareal... a great photographer and a great reporter. here he is. >> we were worried about our routine. and we got a little bit screwed up. and for the last six games. and before that was the road trip that everybody thought was going to happen. if >> get ready. pam her home town will host. 3:00 p.m. on saturday. and arguably, the best pitcher in baseball. however pam are you going to
8:52 pm
be watching? >> i will be with my brother over the phone. i will be speaking to him about the game. >> and i am saying that the 80s. it is the most incredible thing that i have ever seen. not as is the 49ers in 1980 since they came out of nowhere to with mr. wolf. and we have had a lot of things. it is amazing when you see these highlights. over and over and even talk about them on the radio. were people just do not unusual how amazing it is. >>pam: this is an under dog team with this is a great thing. >> we are going to have a great thing with the oakland a's and you are from detroit. >> but i live here. and you grew up in san jose. you
8:53 pm
know what it is like to have to fight on your way to school. oh my gosh! it was tough but it ended up. and a winding road but it ended up here at kron. and there is cobr cabrera. and pam, there is your man. he became the first triple crown. in 1967. and after a 30 home runs, with 139. and the giants open up their post season at home saturday night. they will host the cincinnati reds at 6:30 with the dodgers being eliminated last night. gonzalez 1-1 breaking that high. and with no earned runs. poposey-
8:54 pm
the giants. saturday, sunday at home. when we come back the biggest arms in the rectory referee
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the amoun >> amount of people that love our fans, and follow
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pam and i on twitter. >> wiz you at 11:00 p.m. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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